Website Update

We Did It!

Our website has be re-vamped to include a brand new, easy to use
online store! You can now purchase maps easily and securely. It has
taken a little planning, a lot of patience, and not much sleep - all to
recreate our website and deliver a better customer experience for you!

Was it worth it?

Yes, definitely. Improving your experience with our products and services was long overdue!

Some Tips

  • Have a clear idea and vision - you will doubt yourself at some
    point and going back your primary intent is very useful to keep you on
  • List and document - have a plan to work from and write down what you
    have done. You will absolutely, positively NOT EVER remember what
    folder you put your icons in later!
  • Take deep breats - you will need more time than you think.... a lot more.
  • Have a fix it list - it’ll never be perfect. Get it done and keep the rest in a prioritised list.
  • Get some input - Ask for your customers honest feedback on the live site, then plan updates

What’s next?

Websites are never finished, with that in mind we ask you all for
your feedback! So, what do you think of our new site? If there is
anything that you think we need to do to improve our new website or
things you love that you wouldn’t want us to change then please, let us
know in the comments below!